Each project is unique, with its own specific set of requirements and conditions

Architectural and consulting services vary depending on project requirements, so to suit the needs of your project, we will tailor specific services and assemble the appropriate subconsultant team.

Your project may be a renovation or new construction; our team has decades of experience to assist you in driving its success. We have expertise with commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, mixed-use development, hotels, restaurants, public projects, educational, healthcare, single-family residential, and planned development project types.






Schematic Design

Our design ability brings enhancement to all projects and centers on providing innovative solutions that implement quality design, appropriate aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability that are a paired response to our client’s budget, needs, and objectives. Communication with our client, promoting their interests, and leading the subconsultant team efforts are integral to our process.

We generate designs that actualize the client’s program while incorporating pertinent zoning regulations, building code requirements, and assist with processing planning permit applications.

Design Development

The designs generated during the schematic design phase are developed to a technical level and the project is prepared for the construction documents phase.

Consultants are engaged and engineered systems are defined, coordinated, and incorporated into the project.

Construction cost estimates, schedules, budgets, and scope are updated.

Construction Documents

Our team produces well defined technical documents that not only ensure the carry through of quality design, but that also implement sound quality management and an appropriate level of detail. Our documents endeavor to ease coordination for the contractor, to reduce misinterpretations and questions during construction, and thus promote better cost control.

Construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications are generated for the project. If applicable, a project manual is assembled with reports, calculations, and additional project requirements. We correspond and coordinate with our consultant and engineering team to integrate their work and schedule their efforts. We communicate with our client to keep them informed of the progress of the work.

The permit application is made to the Building Department and other applicable agencies as the project necessitates. Agency plan check comments are addressed and construction documents are resubmitted for permit approvals.

Construction Phase Services

Our construction phase support services drive effective project management to assist the client in actualizing their project.

We assist with the bidding process and General Contractor selection. Bid documents are assembled and issued, along with responses to contractor questions and clarification addendum if required. We assist the client in evaluating the contractor qualifications, bids, and selecting the General Contractor for the project.

We assist the client and the project through the construction phase of the project, conduct correspondence with the client and General Contractor, process documents (RFI’s, submittals, change orders, payment applications), attend construction meetings, and assist with project close-out. Efforts are focused on quality, budget, and schedule control.

Promoting a collaborative approach is key to the construction process. We focus on strengthening the relationships of the Client, Architect, and Contractor as a team collaboration to reach a goal, maintain positive action, and produce solutions through communication and trust.


  • Project Management

    Master Planning & Planned Development

    Facilities Assessment

    3d Modeling, Material & Digital

    Visualizations & Renderings

    Measured Drawings

    Interior Design

    Strategic Community Outreach

    ADA/Accessibility Upgrades

    Planning & Entitlements

    Adaptive Re-Use

  • Feasibility Studies

    Workplace Occupancy Analysis

    Site Selection Analysis

    Programming & Space Planning

    Pre-Design Phase

    Post-Occupancy Services

    Construction Cost Estimating

    FF&E - Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

    Historic Building Renovations

    Boma Calculations

    Furniture Design